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Looking After Our World

Mar 7th - Mar 25th

These recycled based activities are designed to teach girls about the impact of waste on our environment and fun ways that we can reduce waste.

Check out if there is an environmental educator in your town who could come and visit and introduce the idea of the 3 Rs and their importance.  Check out the contacts below to find someone within your area that may be able to help.  For further understanding around littering check out this resource from knzb.



 Bible, felts, paper, stickers, ball/beanbag, Kiki kiwi and friends story book and/or computer for recorded version.  Depending on your activity some of… Cereal boxes, scissors, brushes, paint, hole punch, ribbon/wool/string, extra decorations (sequins/stickers etc). Old stained clothes, scissors, hot glue gun/ tape, bangle, beads, rubber band.  Cardboard egg cartons, acrylic paint, bamboo skewers, scissors, brushes, hot glue gun, jar for a vase, Newspaper, bubble wrap, paint, brushes, scissors, glue, carboard (or canvas), cupcake liners/paper, different size circle objects that can be used as a template (plate, coaster, tape etc), Magazines, scissors, glue, chopstick/skewer, flower template printed(large small).


Variety of plastic items, 10+ milk bottles, ball,  felts, stickers, glitter, scissors, craft knife, pipe cleaners, glue stick, 7+ plastic soft drink bottles, hot glue gun, wire/string, paint, cutting board, newspaper, hair dryer, painting shirts, zip, felt material, flour, water.


2x pairs of adult shoes (boots), 2x sun hats, survival kit game cards, Children’s’ Bible.  Used teabags, yoghurt pottles, paper towels, scissors, bowl of water, See chosen recipes for ingredients and tools.

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