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Create in me a clean heart


Foam hearts, pens, bucket/basin with water and dishwashing liquid, washing cloth.

Give each girl a foam heart and a washable marker.

Talk about how sometimes we have a good heart but sometimes we have a bad heart.
Ask the girls what they think some examples of having a bad heart might be (unkind words, fighting, jealous ...).


Naturally we all do things that are bad, even the best person you know. When we do mean things it doesn’t just hurt other people, but it hurts us too. It’s like we are making our hearts sick.

I want you all to think of some of the things that you have done that is like a bad heart rather than a good heart. I don’t need you to tell me or anyone what it is, just think about it, and when you are thinking about it I want you to colour in your heart how you think it might look when it isn’t healthy.

There is only one person that has ever had a perfectly good heart ... and that is Jesus. He loved everyone and always did the right thing. At Easter we celebrate how Jesus died and came back to life so that our hearts don’t have to be filled of all the bad things we do. There is a verse in the Bible that say “create in me a clean heart”.

We can ask God to clean our hearts and he will! We can’t wash away all the wrong things we have done and will do in the future, but God can make our hearts clean and healthy again.

Have the kids come up and clean their in the buckets of water (and dishwashing liquid).

When we know how much God loves and helps us, it is easier for us to love and help others. Even if they are annoying or not cool, God still loves them and wants us too to.

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