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Water Fun - Week 1


Water Sponge

EQUIPMENT :  2x large sponges, 2x buckets of water, 2x empty buckets.  Tarp if inside.  

Split the group into two teams.  Each team will stand behind a bucket of water with a sponge in it.  Place an empty bucket at the opposite end of the playing area.  Each team member takes a turn soaking up as much water as they can with the sponge, run to the opposite bucket squeezing as much water out of the sponge into the bucket and then run back to their team to pass the sponge onto the next team member.  The winner is the team who gets the most water into their bucket.  This could be played with smaller jars or bowls and therefore the winner would be the first person to fill the vessel.

This game can be played inside using a tarp to protect the floor and no running rules for safety.

Wate Sponge
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Fishing for Marbles

EQUIPMENT :  Marbles (or small objects), 2x large basins/buckets, a bag of ice.  Tarp and chair if inside.  

Split the group into two teams.  Each team will have a large basin/bucket filled with water, marbles and ice for an added challenge.  Each team member is given 30 seconds to try and get as many marbles from the bottom of the bucket out of the bucket using just their toes.  Once everyone has had a go, the team with the most marbles out of the bucket wins.  Tip: If you get a wide bucket with curved sides, the inventive players can scoop the marbles out from inside without having to grip them individually.

This game can be played inside using a tarp to protect the floor and a chair by the bucket that the girls can sit on to reduce the likelihood of slipping over.

Fihing fo Marbles

Bucket Balance         Extension Game

EQUIPMENT :  Socks, bucket 1/4 filled with water.  Tarp and chair if inside.  

Create teams of 4-6 girls.  Have them lie down on their backs in a small circle with their legs sticking up in the air.  Their hips should be nearly touching, and their feet should be touching at the top making a kind of table.  On top of the foot table place a bucket ¼ full of water.  Each girl is required to be wearing socks.  On their turn they are to remove a foot from the bucket and pull off their sock, then return their foot to the bucket so that the next girl can remove her sock.  They must do this while the team try and keep the bucket balanced to avoid getting wet. Alternatively, this could be done without the socks but find another reason for the girls to remove their foot from the balance for some time.

Bucket Balance

Water Balloon Fight

EQUIPMENT :  Water balloons.  

Have everyone stand in a circle.  Hand out a water balloon to each girl.  Countdown from 10 and then let them throw the water balloons at each other.  Alternatively have a target for the girls to try and hit with their water balloons rather than another person.

Water Balloon Fight
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