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Water Fun - Week 2


Tug of War / Treasure Hunt

EQUIPMENT :  Tug of war rope, water balloons, blow up paddling pool, treasure hunt collection objects

(such as spoons, balls, toys etc).  

This game is a combination of tug of war and a treasure hunt.  Before the game starts, hide a collection of items (such as spoons, balls, toys) around the area. 

Divide the girls into 2 equal groups and place an inflatable paddling pool with water in it between the two teams.  Give each team their end of the rope and explain that they are to pull the rope as a team until a member of the opposite team falls into the paddling pool.  Once a team member has fallen into the pool they will be eliminated.  The group with the most members still standing is the winner of the first segment of the game.

Members that have been eliminated can help prepare for the second segment of the game by filling up water balloons. 

The winning team from the tug of war segment must now search out all the hidden objects and return them to the leader.  While they are doing this, the other team get to throw the water balloons at them.  If someone is hit by a water balloon they are eliminated from this segment of the game.  The ultimate winners of the game are either the tug of war winners who have also successfully returned all of the hidden objects without getting wet, or if there are no dry players left, the opposite team are the ultimate winners.

Water Slide

EQUIPMENT :  Tarp, hose/buckets of water, dishwashing liquid. 

If you have younger girls who will struggle with the concept of the tug of war/treasure hunt game, you may like to set a water slide up using a tarp, buckets of water (or hose access) and dishwashing liquid for slidey-ness. 

This is best done on a field with some slope.

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