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Water Fun

Feb 14th - Mar 4th

These water based activities are designed to have fun in the summer, while promoting unintentional exercise and coordination practice.



2x large sponges, at least 4x buckets (2 with wider bases preferable), marbles, ice, socks, water balloons, red craft foam pre cut in heart shapes, dishwashing liquid, washing clothes, tarp


AT HOME: Turn the water sponge race and marble challenge into a timed single challenge.

RAIN: All games other than water balloon fight can be adjusted for indoors.


Tug of war rope, water balloons, blow up paddling pool, treasure hunt objects (such as spoons, balls, toys etc), tarp, hose/buckets, dishwashing liquid, zip lock bag, sharp pencils, children’s bible, 3x sponges per girl, rubber bands, scissors


Make reusable sponge water bombs.  Create a target using chalk or tarp to throw these at.


Clear big bowl, paper clips, dishwashing liquid, 3x buckets, water balloons, cones, bumbag, water bottles, cup,  2x flag or objects of different colours, team band identifiers, recycling products (milk cartons, yoghurt pottles etc, glue, felts, paddling pool or sink


Make a boat out of recycling products and test it out in a paddling pool or sink.

Additional alternative activities: Flower with different coloured water experiment, frozen object surprise (freeze objects in water and have girls smash the ice cubes to discover the object), water drop race (using eye droppers to transfer water, or straws to blow water), create an ocean in a bottle

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