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Paper Cup printout, Scissors, Hot glue gun, Felts, Clothes peg.

Paper Tea Cup Craft

Inspired by Red Ted Art

​1. Cut out the four different pieces.  For the saucer you will need  to make an incision and cut the centre too.  Older girls might like to try and make a flowery edge for the saucer, however note that this takes quite some time to cut!​​

​2. For the base cut slits from the outside all the way to the inside circle.  This helps keep the saucers shape

3. Stick the cup edges together using a hot glue gun.  Place a peg on the join to help it hold its shape.

4. Glue the base of the saucer onto the saucer.​

5. Attach the handle to the cup.

tea cup template.png
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