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Faith & Values

Girls’ Brigade New Zealand aims to help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to find true enrichment of life ... 


Girls' lives transformed, God's world enriched

We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord according to the Bible and aim to bring glory to the only true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Our ministry is to the girls and young women of New Zealand, recognising that girls have personal gifts, callings, characters and needs – some of which are gender specific so that girls benefit from time and space to be girls valued as people each made in God’s image.  

We witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ ...


• who transforms, saves and gives life now and eternally to all who come to him by faith

• who modelled and empowers living that honours God and is good for all

• who makes possible a just, loving and peaceful society where all people are valued equally

Our motto:
Seek, Serve & Follow Christ
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Our Crest

The Girls' Brigade Crest is our International unifying symbol, worn as part of the uniform all around the world. In the Centre a CROSS, the symbol of Christ and His Church; below it a LAMP, that our light may shine out upon the world; above it a CROWN, that we may know Christ as our King; and behind it all a TORCH, the flame of Christ's living Spirit.

Our Values



We live our lives with Christ at the centre and encourage all our members to do the same. Our relationships are centred on Him and rely on His word and direction. Each GBNZ member is encouraged to develop a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.



We promote a sense of community and belonging within our groups and areas, nationally and internationally. We listen to each other. We inspire, we impact, and we encourage members and each other.



God is love. Christ's love compels us to become ambassadors for Christ. We partner with churches to reach local communities with the good news of Jesus Christ



Trust is essential to our lives and lies at the heart of all relationships. Trust is the very essence of faith; trust in God who is trustworthy. We strive also to be trustworthy and encourage our members in this. We trust in God and each other.



We are energetic and enthusiastic about what we do. We have fun together with our members, and with each other. We believe serving God is extremely fulfilling and exciting!

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