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Our two programmes:

Camp Trolley
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Programmes challenge and nurture girls with diverse experiences balanced across key domains:


In Girls' Brigade companies the domains are:

Physical, Social, Educational, and Spiritual


In IFG Units the domains are:

Spiritual, Physical, Adventure, Community Service, and Interest.


Girls gain badges and awards that value their involvement, achievements, and skills.


These awards recognise individual growth in a culture that shares ideals, offers personal support, and nurtures acceptance of diversity and ability.


The ultimate recognition is the internationally valued Queen's Award.

Age Appropriate

In Girls' Brigade Companies the age groups are:

5 to 8 years – Juniors

9 to 12 years – Seniors 

13 to 17 years – Pioneers


In IFG Units the age groups are:

5 to 7 years – IFG Explore

8 to 10 years – IFG Adventure

11 to 13 years – IFG Challenge

14+ years – IFG Ultimate

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