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Join Us!

Joining a GB company or an IFG unit is a great way for your daughter to make friends, and to enjoy activities that challenge girls, nurturing their growth in a safe and supportive environment. 


Each GB company has its own version of the GB uniform, consisting often of a white polo and navy blue shorts or skirts, ask your local company what is expected.

Each IFG unit has their own uniform too. Ask what is expected for your girls.


Girls enjoy high activity pursuits, craft activities 

and everything in between.  

Programmes include a variety of activity, instruction and experience that nurtures Christian faith, builds confidence, and enhances skills.


Leaders are trained, registered with GBNZ, supported with experienced advice, and partnered with vibrant church communities.

Programmes are delivered around a balanced structure, developed by experienced leaders, and richly resourced through our National Support Centre.


Girls value the opportunity to be girls in an environment where they are valued and encouraged.

Parents value opportunities for their girls to be challenged and to support others through activities most families cannot access on their own.


Girls' safety is always our priority.

Leaders are Police Vetted and undergo ongoing training to maintain their national registration.

Activities are audited for safety at planning stages, and supervised by appropriately qualified leaders.

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