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COVID-19 Framework 2022

In our February issue of Connect, we launched our COVID-19 Framework.

This framework applies to Girls’ Brigade Companies, iconz4girlz Units, Areas, and National activities and will support Companies/ Units/ Areas/ National teams in:

  • Understanding the approach to returning to face-to-face activities.

  • Assessing hazards and risks related to COVID-19 and putting control measures in place for everyone to follow.

  • Completing the approval process to be ‘Covid-Ready’.

  • Clearly communicating with leaders, parents/ carers, children and young people.

ALLLeaders-in-Charge of Age Groups and Company Captains/ Unit Senior Leaders are expected to read the framework and be involved in reviewing and completing the Group Action Log and Covid-Ready Risk Assessment.

We would encourage all Companies and Units planning to start back in Term 2, to have a read, start conversations, and get approved documents, so you're all ready to go for Term 2.

If you have made the decision to meet virtually (online) or by giving girls packs to work from while we are in the current Traffic Light setting please let the Support Centre know as soon as possible. Likewise if you have not started meeting at all, please let the Support Centre know as soon as possible.

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