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Term 1

   Integrated Plan

Term1 2022.jpg

What a fun year we have planned for you. Thanks for joining us.


What is happening this term?

Above is the outline for the upcoming term 1 – the plan is that there will be four planners, like this one released throughout the year. We have a welcome night and three unit plans this term.


How do I use it?

We’ve designed this plan with the concept that you can use it how you see it working best for your group (company or unit). You can scale it up if you have a larger group or scale it down if you have a smaller one or limited leader/helpers. We’ve pitched all the concepts at an older primary or early intermediate age so you can scale complexity of the activity as you need.  Themed devotions are included  however feel free to replace these with Faith Box devotions or your own devotions plan.

Click on each of the above topic images to open see information, run-sheets and graphics relating to that theme.  Graphics have been created for each theme that can be used in your advertising.  These are specifically designed for social media allowing you to add your specific group information alongside the graphic.

We’ve also included some online options - should you have to move your group online in 2022.

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