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Welcome Night

Par - tea


This is designed to be a fun day to celebrate the new GB/IFG year and to be a draw card/invitation to invite and encourage potential new girls.  This party can be any theme, we’ve given instructions for a tea party theme but choose a theme that is relevant for you and your girls. 


Once you have decided on your starting date, advertise through your church, local schools, libraries and community noticeboards (both physical and social media).  For a welcoming touch, send out personal invitations to girls that you already have their details for.  Click on the relevant graphic below and download these to be used in your online and/or physical advertisements and invitations. 

Welcome Night Invitation Example.png

This party can be modified to be carried out at home either as individual activities done throughout a week or during a zoom party.  This includes the colouring and craft activity, egg and spoon race using a spatula and the cup and saucer created in the craft - either timed or fasted back to the camera, and the opporunity for girls to show off their baking and/or decorating skills.


Sign-in sheet, Registration forms, Name tags, Felt pens, Free play activity resources (balls, colouring sheets …), Scissors, Hot glue gun, Clothes pegs, Pompoms, Picnic blanket, Party food, A prayerful review devotion.

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