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Have a designated leader to welcome each of the girls and their caregivers as they arrive.  Fill in the sign-in sheet with girls names and contact phone number.  Hand out registration forms to the caregiver and a name tag for the girl.  Fancy tea party themed name tags can be printed from: or


While the girls are arriving have balls/sports equipment available for the girls to play with before the programme starts.  You may like to have some colouring pages set out during this time.


Begin the programme with an opening prayer, followed by a welcome, introduction of leaders and announcements about the session.



Choose a name game to best suit your group.  If you have a large amount of girls who don’t know each other than you might want to choose a game such as Action Syllables where the girls take turns going around the circle coming up with an action to represent their name, and repeating the name and action of the girls prior to them.  If you only have one or two girls who do not know the others (and they aren’t shy!) you might like to run mock interviews with one of the girls asking the new girls and two of the regular girls questions such as “what’s your name?”, “What’s your favourite colour?”, “Would you prefer ice cream or cake?”.  This can be done using an item such as a bottle or pen as a pretend microphone.


Tea cup print outs (1 per girl)


  1. Tea cup treasure hunt.  Use the tea cup print out available here:  hide the printouts throughout the space you have available.  These can be printed on colourful and patterned paper, or girls can colour them with their own patterns.

  2. Once the girls have found a tea cup print out they can colour, cut and glue the pieces together. 

  3. Team the girls up to play cup themed relay races with their tea cups.

    • PomPom style beanbag throw.  Lay the tea cups out at different distances in front of the girls.  Give each cups location a different point value.  Have the girls try to throw pompoms into the different cups, gaining points for what cups they get the pompoms in.

    • Cup and saucer staking race.

    • Spoon and Egg race, however the spoon is their saucer and they have to see how many cup and saucers they can stack on top of theirs without having them fall while they walk.


Serve party food on a picnic blanket. 

Suggested party food: popcorn, fairy bread, fruit kebabs, hot chocolate with marshmallows.


While the girls are enjoying their supper, get their attention to listen to the devotion while they are eating.

Read A prayerful review (see plan).

Follow this up with a prayer of thanks for the girls who have come today.


Ask girls to bring their friends along next week.  Tell them what they will be doing the following week to spark interest. 

If you are doing the water fun theme next, tell girls to wear their togs under clothes that they don’t mind getting wet for next week- as well as bringing a towel and a change of clothes.  Make sure the families have taken home registration forms.

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