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Finding Courage


Zip-lock bag 2/3 fill with water, sharp pencils, Children's Bible

courage devotion.png

During the tug of war/treasure hunt game there might have been times when you felt a little scared and potentially wanted to give up.  You had to have courage to complete the game.  Now let’s pretend that this pencil, hold up very sharp looking pencil, is something that we might be scared off, let’s say the dark or a spider or a test or going somewhere new.  Don’t forget to mention how sharp looking the pencil is.  What do you think will happen if I poke this pencil right through this plastic bag? hold up zip lock bag which is 2/3 filled with water.  Hopefully the girls will answer back that the pencil will make a hole in the bag and the bag will start leaking water through the hole. 


Poke the pencil all the way through the bag and show the kids that there is no leakage.  You might want to try this experiment prior so that you are confident with it.


Check that out!  The pencil hasn’t hurt the plastic bag and there is no water leaking out!  Does anyone know why it does this?  The plastic bag is made of polymers which is like a very tiny chain of molecules.  When the pencil goes through the bag, the molecule chains hug the pencil making a new seal around it so that the water can’t leak out.

Now do you remember how I said we were going to pretend that the pencil was something that we might be scared off?  Well we can also pretend that we are like this plastic bag, and we have a secret invisible weapon that can help us to have courage when we are around things that scare us.  That weapon is God.  God is bigger and stronger than any problem we might have so we know that he can protect us.  When we are scared we can pray to God and ask him to give us the courage we need to get through.


There is a story in the Bible that talks about a girl who live about 2500 years ago in a land that was then called Persia but is now called Iran.  She had something pretty scary come up that she really needed God’s help to have courage … and guess what! God did give her courage.  Lets’ read about Queen Esther.

Read the story of Queen Esther from a children’s Bible.

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