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Human Target Quiz Question Sample


Water balloons, 'target', questions.

This game can be used to review the content from devotions, general GB/IFG knowledge, rules for the group or any other topic.

Ask questions to the whole group. When someone answers a question correctly give them a water balloon to hold onto.

After your first round of questions have those with 'missiles' aka water balloons stand up.  They can now try and hit the target with their water balloon.  To make it more fun you may like to consider yourself or another leader to become a moving target.

Sit the kids back down for another round of questions and repeat the process.  For younger girls you may like to repeat the same questions.

GB Knowledge Questions:

  • Where was GB started?   Dublin, Ireland

  • What year was GB started?   1893

  • What year was IFG started?   2009

  • Who was the founder of IFG?   Christine Brunt

Devotional Questions:

  • Before Esther, who was the queen of Persia?   Vashti

  • What was Esther's cousin's name?   Mordecai

  • Who Was the King of Persia?  King Xerxes (King Ahasuerus)

  • What did Esther do that was courageous?   Stick up for her people/ talked to the king

  • Who was Esther's special people?   The Israelites

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