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Water Fun - Week 3


Stuck in the Mud             Basic Game

EQUIPMENT :  Bucket (or 2) full of water balloons, cones for field marking, optional bum bag. 

If you have younger girls who will struggle with the concept of Capture the Flag game, you may like to play a Stuck in the Mud version.


Set up a playing zone using cones as the field marker.  Choose a girl to be the tagger, give that girl two water balloons to start with and set a bucket filled with water balloons somewhere easy to access on the playing field, alternatively you could fill a bum-bag with water balloons so that the tagger can wear this and carry more balloons at once. 


Girls are to run around trying to avoid the tagger, while the tagger is to try and throw water balloons at the other girls.  If a girl gets hit she must stop and stand still ‘stuck in the mud’ until another girl can free her (tag or crawl under). 


You will need to set rules in place about not throwing balloons at someone who is freeing another person.  Every couple of minutes let a different girl have a turn at being the tagger with the balloons.

Stuck in the Mud

Drip, Drip, Drop

EQUIPMENT :  Water bottles filled with water, or a cup and a bucket of water.  

This game is like Duck, Duck, Goose, except it is played with a water bottle.  The tagger walks around with the bottle head slightly open so that water drips on each person's head as they go around the circle.  They choose a person and squeeze the bottle to make a lot of water come out on the drop person.  The chase is then on!  If you have multiple bottles pre-filled this will be a quick game.  Alternatively play with a cup which is partially filled with water. 

Drip, Drip, Drop

Capture the Flag         Extension Game

EQUIPMENT :  Cones for boundary marks, buckets of water balloons (at least 3x), 2 flags of different colours, team colour bands or face paint for identifiers. 

Set up a playing area using cones as boundaries.  The best playing areas would be an open space which has objects scattered around such as trees, benches, playground equipment etc which can be hidden behind.  Have two objects or flags which are different colours and place them at either end of the playing area alongside a bucket full of water balloons.  Indicate an area around the flags which is ‘home base’ and indicate a halfway line.

Divide the girls into two teams (with a bigger playing area and group this can be made into 3 or 4 teams, however there will need to be 3 or 4 different coloured flags also hidden in different corners of the area).

The aim of the game is for the teams to try and get the opposite team’s flag back to their home base without being tagged.  Girls can tag players of the opposing team by throwing water balloons at them.  If they are hit then the player must go back to their home base and start again.  If they are carrying the flag of an opposite team when hit they must return the flag to the correct home base before returning to their own home base. 

Alternatively, you can add a jail space in for players who have been hit.  The jailer will keep the girls out of the game for a couple of minutes, in which time they have to follow funny instructions the jailer gives (such as do the chicken dance).

You will need a lot of water balloons for this game.  Have a bucket or two of spare water balloons that can be fill up the teams buckets part way through.  If you run out of balloons the game can be carried on with girls physically tagging each other.

This game is easier when you can identify who is on what team.  This could be done using face paint, coloured clothing, colour arm/head bands (this can be made out of coloured pillow cases cut up) or hi-vis vests.

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